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Notre Dame International
Travel Registry


  • If you have already started a travel registration / London Law application / incident report / international travel safety orientation that you need to complete and submit, click on the 'LOGIN' link. Once logged into the system, click on the link for the appropriate registration from your Applicant Home page.

Need to start a new international travel registration/application? 

  • Undergraduate students: Register your international travel using the appropriate travel registration link under Undergraduate Student Travel Registrations*.
      • PLEASE NOTE: even though the U.S. Department of State currently has Europe listed as a Travel Alert location, CONTINUE to use the Non-Travel Warning/Alert Registration for registering travel to European destinations.
  • Graduate students: Register your international travel using the Graduate Student Travel Registration* link. 
  • Faculty and Staff: Register your international travel using the appropriate Faculty/Staff Registrations* link.
  • Athletic Teams: Register your team's international travel using the Athletic Team Registration* link.

Need to report an incident that happened abroad?

  • Use the Incident Reporting* link.

Need to complete and/or confirm an international travel safety orientation?

  • Use the International Travel Safety Orientation* link.

For questions, email