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Travel Warning/Alert Application


Travel Warning/Alert International Travel Application:

  1. This application link is meant for undergraduate students applying for an exception to travel to countries/regions that have an active Travel Warning or Travel Alert designation. 

    even though the U.S. Department of State
    currently has Europe listed as a Travel Alert location, 
    CONTINUE to use the
    Non-Travel Warning/Alert Registration
    for registering European travel.
  2. Applications for exceptions to Travel Warning/Alert areas should be submitted at least eight weeks prior to travel.*
  3. Visit the U.S. Department of State's website to determine if the country/countries you are traveling to are classified as Travel Warning or Travel Alert. U.S. Department of State
  4. This travel application is a two-step process, which will take approximately three hours total (steps one and two) to complete. 

Step One: Submitting your international travel application

  • Choose the appropriate term for your international travel (academic year, fall semester, winter break travel, spring semester, or summer travel). This is determined by the term in which your travel START DATE falls.
  • Add your travel itinerary (be sure to review instructions if you are traveling to multiple destinations).
  • Answer all questions with appropriate detail within the Travel Warning/Alert Application questionnaire. (approximately 45 minutes to one hour)
  • Once you have submitted your application questionnaire, the Travel Warning Review Committee will review your application for complete and accurate responses. Please note: Travel Warning Review Committee meetings are held the first Thursday of each month. Students should submit their applications NO LATER than two days prior to the meeting that will take place approximately *eight weeks* BEFORE travel begins.
  • Check your ND email frequently and respond accordingly and quickly to a status change notification or a request for additional information.
Step Two: After your travel application has been 'Tentatively Approved'
(Step Two of your international travel registration must be fully completed NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE your travel begins)  
  • After you have received a ‘Tentative Approval’ status, you MUST complete the REQUIRED post-decision phase questionnaires and signature documents. (approximately 30 minutes)
  • A safety orientation is required for ALL undergraduate ND sponsored travel. Check with your CONFIRMED funding or sponsoring source on how to complete this requirement for your international travel. (A safety orientation should take approximately 90 minutes)

If you are registering travel to your home (for visiting purposes only) that is being funded by Notre Dame, use the Home Travel Registration to register your travel.

Non-ND Students: ALWAYS use a NON-ND login for this site. If you have obtained an ND NetID & password due to taking an ND class and you use them to create your profile, there is a chance you will run into login issues if doing so during a semester you are NOT enrolled in an ND class.